Friday, January 13, 2012

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly

Copyright: 2010
Publisher: Listening Library
Genre: Young Adult
Pages: audio
Author's Website
My rating:  2/5

Simple Description:
Andi Alpers is a teenager in Brooklyn who would seem to have it all, but she doesn't.  Her younger brother was killed and she believes it was her fault.  She can't get past this.  Her life has spiraled out of control since then. Her Mom is stuck in a similar depression, her Dad is pretty much non-existant and she has pushed away almost all her friends.  The only thing she has is her music.

When her father finds out she's about to be kicked out of school he makes her go to Paris with him for the holiday.  He wants to make sure she works on a school project while there. 

While in Paris Andi finds the journal of a young girl, Alexandrine, who was alive during the French Revolution.   Alex has close ties to the dauphin and Andi finds some correlation with this as she is still dealing with the death of her younger brother.  It's while in Paris that Andi reaches rock bottom and comes face to face with her depression and her future.

My Thoughts:
I"m saddened that this book fell flat for me. I know several who have read this book and thought it was great and felt I would love it.  For some reason I just didn't.  I have to admit upfront that it could be due to my mood lately, been dealing with some issues on my own.  I've had a hard time keeping my mind from wondering and I know it did that a lot while listening to this book. So that could be a large part of it.  I found myself confused with the story sometimes and just not enjoying it.    Towards the end I was really not happy with the way the story went.  It was just to far fetched for me.     I'm happy to say this book ended the way I would have liked, so that's good.  I just didn't like it over-all.   I seem to be in the minority here though, so definitly read other reviews before making a decision on if this is the book for you or not.

Audio Review:
The audio version was narrated by Emily Card and Emma Bering.  I felt they did a wonderful job. Actually, I didn't realize there were two narrators until I looked it up online.  They were easy to listen to and easy to differentiate the different characters without it being overly done.


Bookfool said...

I tried to listen to this one on audio and thought maybe reading it the traditional way might help. But, I'm really picky about audios. At least you liked the narration -- that's good. Sorry your attention kept wandering. You've probably got a lot to think about, right now. Hope your next book is a winner.

bermudaonion said...

I wonder if this book would be better experienced in print. Sometimes when the plot switches back and forth, I struggle with audio.

Kris Meyer said...

Bookfool - I'll be interested to know if you ended up liking in better reading it in print.

Bermudaonion - That's a good possibility.