Friday, September 3, 2004

Hangman's Root by Susan Wittig Albert

This is the third in the China Bayles mystery series. On the personal level, China is made to deal with her relationship concerning McQuaid. As for the mystery: Dottie, the Cat Lady, is accused of killing a fellow professor who was found hanged in his office at the University. But did Dottie really do it? China calls in an old friend for her lawyer days who decides to take the case. China and Ruby are given the task of doing the investigating and following all leads, not to mention feeding all the cats. There is a new character in this novel that I liked and hope will be in the others. China calls her smart cookie and she is the new head of security at the University. Sheila, aka Smart Cookie, feeds information to McQuaid, who then gives it to China. With their help, the killer is revealed and myster solved!

I enjoyed this book. I like learning about the herbs and I like the main character.

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