Wednesday, September 15, 2004

More books by Susan Wittig Albert

I wasn't able to post as I finished the books, too busy getting married :) so here is a little about each one.

Rosemary Remembered -
China finds her accountanted murdered, in McQuad's truck. McQuad insists it is the work of a fellon recently released from jail, on that has threatoned to get even with him. China, of course, things that couldn't possible be true. China decides to find out who murdered Rosemary, and in doing so starts to uncover some secrets with the local hotel. But don't forget about Brian, McQuad's son...who is behind his disappearance?

Rueful Death -
China is in need of some good R&R, so she decides to go to St. Theresa's convent to get some rest. She goes with a friend from town who used to be a nun there. Was she invited just as a guest, or was there more behind it? China soon finds out that there have been a series of small fires through out the convent as well as some letters accusing nuns of being sinful...and there are a lot of suspects. While China is trying to help solve these crimes she runs into an old flame from her lawyer days who doesn't want to take no as an answer.

I thought both of these were very good. I liked Rueful Death, I think because it had a different setting and was a little different than you would expect. Both books were typical China Bayles and both were good.

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