Thursday, October 14, 2004

Trace by Patricia Cornwell

I was looking forward to this novel, hoping it would be better than the last one, which I didn't care for. It was a little hard getting into the novel, but after about 100 pages or so I started to really get into it, but then the ending came. She left a lot of things unfinished, at least in my opinion. We know who was behind the main problem and why, but all the other little stuff, never explained.

Trace has Kay Scarpetta and Pete Marino going back to Richmond to help the new chief (Kay's old job). One little girl has died and nobody can figure out the cause of death, was it the flu or was it something else? The new chiefe brings in Kay to help solve the mystery however once she gets there he treats her like garbage. At the same time we are involved in what is going on with Lucy and her company. Suddenly it looks like the two might be connected somehow.

I thought the story itself was good, but thought the ending should have explained more. I did think this book was better than the last one, and I'm sure if she comes out with another Scarpetta novel next year I'll buy it.

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