Thursday, October 14, 2004

Indigo Dying by Susan Wittig Albert

I finished this book over the weekend. This was yet another in the China Bayles series. I really enjoyed this one. This mystery takes place in a small town called Indigo. There has been a revival of sorts to revive the town. It was a very small town with nothing going for it, them some artists started moving there and started to fix up the town and hold craft fairs, etc and attract tourists. One of these artists is a friend of China's. China and Ruby learn that the man who owns most of the property and buildings in the town had decided to sell the town to some oil people who are going to destroy it, they learn this right when they are getting ready to go there for a craft fair. As you can imagine the townspeople who have put all their money and work into reviving the town are very upset. All of a sudden this evil is found dead. The towns people all say he was killed by his own boobytrap he set up in one of the buildings, however China and McQuaid don't think it was an accident and there are way too many suspects. The ending was a twist and the story was a very fun and fast read.


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