Tuesday, January 18, 2005

American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis

It took me awhile but I did finish this book. yes...the movie was based on the book and yes the book was more gruesome. I really didn't like the movie, so wasn't sure how I would do with the book. I actually think it was pretty good.

You can tell the book was written in the 80's - the music he listens to - the fact that a walkman is the cool thing to have etc.

Patrick Bateman is the main character - rich, handsome, fit, works on wallstreet, has the best designer clothes, but also has the desire to kill.

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non vocabulum said...

Kris, I read American Puh-seecho about 4 years ago and really liked it. The boring parts drove me bonkers, but I re-read it and understood that you're supposed to FEEL the monotony of those passages.

I want to re-read this with a group of people and get some perspective.

You'll think I'm nuts, but the movie kinda made me laugh (really hard).