Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Splintered Icon by Bill Napier

I finished this book last week and thought I would tell you all about it. If you liked The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown. there is a good chance you will like this one, and even if you didn't like the DaVinci Code you might like this one. haha!

A man who owns a book store in London and is kinda known for looking into old maps and books is asked to look at a diary and convert it. It is written in a code. As he starts to research this diary he is approached out of the blue and offered money for the diary. When he doesn't give up the diary, he is eventually attacked. Thus begins the mad journey if trying to uncover why this diary is so important before the bad guys do. He gets this other lady who is also well known for her knowledge in history and old works and the two of them, along with the a couple other characters embark on this journey. The diary is writen by a boy who is a worker on a ship as it sales from England to the America's. He discovers there is a reason for this journey other than just landing in America, and then people start being murdered and nobody knows who or why. The diary mentions something about an ancient cross that actually has a piece of the true cross in it and a plot by Mary Queen of Scots to overthrown Queen Elizabeth.
The writing is different that Dan Brown but the reason I thought those who have read his work would enjoy this one is because it is kinda the same concept - going back through history and trying to solve a mystery. I really enjoyed the book and plan on looking into the auther to see what else he has written. I loved the two main characters and the way they competed with each other - it was fun.

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