Thursday, May 25, 2006

Prior Bad Acts by Tami Hoag

This one seemed different than her others. There was a little bit of romance in it, but not as much as past ones. This one delt more with an actual police department and detects than I remember the other ones. I will admit, however, that I haven't read one of hers in awhile -so I could be mistaken.

That being said - I really liked the book.

Judge Moore decides to keep a mans prior bad acts out of the court room when he is going to be going to court for the murder of 3 people. The city is very upset about this because the crimes were brutal and happened to a women and her 2 foster children.

The Judge is attacked as she goes to her car after work that day. Then the man who is on trial breaks free. Then one of the cops who was originally assigned to his case seems to go off the deep end. The police department has it's hands full trying to solve all these different cases and trying to keep the judge safe at the same time.

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