Thursday, July 6, 2006

Dying for Chocolate by DIane Mott Davidson

This is the second in the Goldy Bear Catering mystery series. I really enjoyed it. I mean at times Goldy can get on my nerves with the whole protecting Arch thing, but I'm not a parent and don't know what it is who knows. That being said - I still really enjoy the characters and plan to continue with the series.

In this one, Goldy has trouble with her ex so she takes a summer job as a live-in cook with a family who is rich and has a gated house and very nice alarm system. Everything is fine until the man she is kinda dating is killed in an auto accident - and she witnesses it and doesn't believe it was really an accident. She is threatened and also helps Schultz with the detective work (although he doesn't approve of all of it).

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