Saturday, July 29, 2006

Killer Stuff by Sharon Fiffer

"Tim waved the thin, photocopied sketch at the police officers. If We're going to appraise it we have to know more about the materials used and what you know about it, the artist, if the original is signed, numbered, if there's any writing on the back...". Tim stopped as the silence grew heavy in the room. "Oh, f**k me, I forgot what we were doing here. This is a police sketch isn't it?" p. 173

I couldn't resist it, that was one of my favorite parts in the book, had me laughing out loud. (which wasn't a good thing since I was reading in-between calls at work and wasn't supposed to be. lol!).

This is the first in the Jane Wheeler series. I really enjoyed it and plan on reading the rest. It didn't take me long to be comfortable with the characters and to fall in love with Jane and her friend Tim. I can't wait to see what she gets herself into next.

In this novel Jane is returning the SUV to her neighbors, she had borrowed it that morning while on her estate sale/garage sale run. She walks in the house and calls to Sandy but nobody answers. She walks into the front room, goes outside to collect the mail, turns around and finds Sandy's body. She is shook up about things and the next day heads to her parents Inn. There she hangs out with her long-time friend Tim and when they go back to his flower shop, they find his friend dead. What is happening here? Jane helps the cops figure out who is doing the killing and wants to know why they are trying to frame her.