Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Never Tell by Selena Montgomery

This was another new author for me. Overall - really enjoyed the book and plan to read another of hers. I was sucked in by the characters and the story, wanted to know about Erin's past, wanted to know who the killer was. The only thing I didn't like - the love/lust scenes between her and Gabe. I really enjoy romantic thrillers/mysteries but there were too many adjectives and the words were just a little much. but...if you can get past that (which I did), it is a great story.

Erin is a professor at a college in New Orleans. She has a past that she would rather not remember or tell anybody. One day in the mail she receives a letter with 5 obits, she knows the killer wants her to find her and when she does - she's dead. In steps Gabe Moss, a local reporter who just won't leave Erin alone. Together they help find the serial killer.

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