Monday, September 18, 2006

The Beatrice Letters by Lemony Snicket

This is the most recent book for A Series of Unfortunate Events, it comes between #12 and #13. It is a a book of letters to Lemony Snicket from Beatrice and from Lemony Snicket to Beatrice. This was a fun read, but then I have enjoyed all of the Lemony Snicket books. This is supposed to give you answers or rather it is supposed to raise more questions on what is to happen in the 13th and final book in the Baudelaire mystery. I have to tell you - the reviews on for this book are great - very funny (most anyway) - and I recommend reading them for enjoyment really. The design of this book itself is great. It is hard to explain how it comes, it comes in a case, of which the picture is to the left, you open this case and inside is a this supposed to give me clues? and a notebook. This notebook contains letters and also letters as mentioned above. haha! I'm trying to confuse you! No really, between the pages of the letters are letters than can be popped out and I'm going to guess that you could then use these letters to spell a word and give you a clue into the Baudelaire mystery. Does that make more sense? better just go get the book and see for yourself then! And for those of you that know me pretty well - it's safe for you to assume that I will not be popping out those letters because I don't want to "ruin" the book. lol!

(For those who have read the Griffin and Sabine series by Nick Bantock - this reminds me of those books. Don't get me wrong - this is different - but the idea and the way it is set up is similar)

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