Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Expected One by Kathleen McGowan

Wow - this is an incredible book. I admit that it took me awhile to get into it - about when Maureen gets to France is when it really picked up for me. Let's see if I can do a good job explaining this book. I want to say that it is like Dan Brown's book - Angels and Demons. It is, to a point. It is simliar in that she uses a theory that many of us know about and creates a fictional book based on what she has researched and through her own experiences. Maureen has begun to have dreams or visions about Mary Magdalene. These dreams take her on a journey to France where she is taking under the wings of her friend Tammy, her cousing Peter, and Lord Sinclair and Roland. She learns of a special order that has been around since Jesus' time and they believe that Mary Magdalene was married to Jesus and they had children. They also believe that Mary Magdalene is the Expected One - meaning she was selected to find the hidden gospels of Mary Magdalene and to help spread her word and teachings and the truth about what happened when Jesus was crucified.

I thought this book was very intersting. It is evident that the author did a lot of research when writting this novel. I loved the take on Judas and Mary. I actually read the afterward for this book (I know - a shocker for me! lol!) and the author mentions that she has had the visions/dreams that are described by the main character Maureen. She also mentions that there are move books to come - I can't wait!

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