Monday, September 11, 2006

Ghosts Along the Mississippi by Jim Longo

This was an interesting book. The author travelled to towns along the Mississippi and he would inquire into local ghost stories and then talk to people who either live in a haunted house or work in one. These people would tell him their stories and he would write them down. I really liked it because I knew these weren't fiction ghost stories, these were normal people who told him what has happened or does happen in their house. Some of the people say they are still not sure if they belive in ghosts but don't have another explanation for some of the stuff.
If you like ghost stories or the paranormal, than this would be a very intersting book for you.
Oh - and the last story - it starts off with him talking to a girl who worked there - and I know her! haha! When this book was written she was in highschool and I didn't know her then, but I recognized the name and emailed her and she confirmed it was her.

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