Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Miss Understanding by Stephanie Lessing

"Everyone is starring at me. I knew I shouldn't have worn this T-shirt. You can see my belly button popping out, which is incredible disgusting, I admit, but I can't fit into any of my cute maternity clothes anymore-especially since I never bothered to purchase any."
P. 296
Meet Zoe. She is the main character in this novel. She is a women who has never cared about what she wears or her image (except for her curly red hair). She lands a job as editor of a big magazine that focuses on fashion. She wants to change the magazine to give girls another option, that fashion isn't everything and girls need to be nicer to girls. However there are some at the magazine who will do anything to make sure she doesn't succeed.
This book was great. Zoe is a very fun character. I also love her sister, Chloe. Chloe is the opposite of Zoe, very much into fashion (especially shoes - a girl after my own heart!). It's fun to read and see how each of them supports the other and tries to help each other out. Some of the things Zoe does had me laughing out loud (such as wearing a gas mask to work because she doesn't want to get any germs). The other characters are great too. I loved all the ladies at the magazine, from the evil Anita to the drunk Ruth.
This is only the second book by the author, I do plan on checking out the first book by the author.

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