Monday, November 20, 2006

On Becaming Life, Work, and Love by Arianna Huffington

This book was much different that what I normally read. This book talks about what makes most women fearful and how to help overcome that. She ranges in topic from looks, to having kids, to love and divorce, to work, etc.

I found the book very interesting. The first section is about looks and how everywhere we look in magazines and movies etc. the women are all skinny and the things women do to try and be skinny like that. I found this part the most interesting because when I started reading it I was sitting in an airport on my way home from Paris. One of the things I loved about Paris was that everyone was dressed decently, no sweatpants, and everyone looked good. I won't say the women were all pretty but they took time to dress nice and make themselves look attractive. I noticed that most of the people who were out and about on the weekend were dressed better than the majority of people I work with, in a business-casual environment, and I loved it. haha! So this first part made me think because I do pay attention to fashion and looks. (although I will say that I think I am healthy about it. lol!).

Over-all I enjoyed this book. I found myself thinking about things and trying to decide if I acting a certain way because I was fearful of what would happen if I was different. I also found myself analyzing my family and I could see that they act certain ways because they are afraid of the outcome. There are some chapters that I liked better than others and some I wouldn't be surprised to find myself reading again in the future (such as the one on being a parent - I don't have kids yet but I can see myself reading this one when I do or when I am pregnant).

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Lotus Reads said...

Was very happy to see someone review this book. I heard an interview with her on NPR and it did sound like she had some important things to say to women...perhaps I should check to see if my library has a copy.