Saturday, December 9, 2006

At Wick's End by Tim Myers

This is the first book in his candle shop mystery series. I really enjoyed this one. I can't decide if I liked it more or the same as the soap mystery though. lol!
Harrison Black hasn't seen his Great-Aunt Belle in a really long time. He is contacted out of the blue by a lawyer, with the sad news that his Great-Aunt has passed away in what has been ruled as an accident. Harrison is the only family left and he inherits her candle store, At Wick's End, as well as the building that has her apartment, and a bunch of other stores.
Soon after Harrison moves in - the apartment is vandalized, then the locker rooms. Harrison is soon under the impression that Great-Aunt Belle's death was not an accident and he wants to know why she was killed and of course who did it. Although everyone who has a store in the complex and everyone he talks to seems really nice - he can't rule any of them out as a suspect. Then one night he finds a diamond - and he knows her death is tied into the jewelry store theft and he has a plan on how to find the killer.
I really liked Harrison's character. I also like a handful of the other secondary character's as well. I didn't really like Eve, the employee at the candle store, but maybe she'll grow on me. I do plan on reading the rest in the series. I can't wait to see what Harrison does next.

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