Thursday, December 7, 2006

Mistletoe Murder by Leslie Meier

This is the first in the Lucy Stone mystery series. I of course was happy to find a new cozy mystery that was also a Christmas story. haha!

Lucy Stone works a night shift a Country Cousins, a mail-order store located in her small town of Tinker's Cove. One night she decides to take a walk since things are slow and she heads out to the parking lot. She goes back inside when she realizes she heard a car engine running - which is odd because the shift doesn't end for awhile. She goes outside to check it out and finds the owner of Country Cousins in his car, dead.

Lucy doesn't really set out to find the killer, there isn't even a whole bunch of PI work in this book, not like some other cozy mysteries. You get to read about Lucy's family, what's going on in the town, her Christmas, etc. She doesn't always set out to "investigate" the murder but she does ask some questions.

I really enjoyed this book, I'm sure this review didn't do it any justice. lol! I like this kind of cozy where you get a bit of a murder mystery but you also get to read about the character and her home town, daily events, etc. I do plan to read more by this author. I really liked Lucy, the main character, and some of the other characters as well.


James said...

There's another Christmas story in the series. Cristmas Cookie Murder is the sixth book in this delightful Holiday series.

Lover of Books said...

I like that book, might have to read it next year. :)

Nessie said...

Great review. I havent read one of those in a while