Tuesday, December 5, 2006

The Big Shuffle by Laura Pedersen

This is the second book I have read by Laura Pedersen, the first was The Sweetest Hours, a book of short stories. The Big Shuffle is actually the third in a series, so shame on me - I read them out of order. haha! You all better remember this - it doesn't happen very often. lol!
I found myself really enjoying this book. It had an easy flow about it, it was serious at times but also funny at times. I plan on reading the first two in the series too - I want to learn more about some of the other characters in this book.
Hallie Palmer, 18 and a college student, learns that her father had a heart attack. By the time she makes it to the hospital her father has died and her mother has gone into shock. Hallie must go home and take care of the rest of the kids, 8 younger than her - including the twin babies. Hallie ends up dropping out of school to take care of the family while her mother is in Dalewood, still recovering. There are a wonderful assortment of secondary characters in this novel. You will love Uncle Lenny, the sea caption who tells wild stories for the kids and talks like a sailor - which the younger kids quickly imitate. There is Aunt Lala who can't be trusted because she is very forgetful, but she means well. Pastor Costello shows up and saves the day, helping in the mornings and evenings with the kids. You will love Bernard and his crew - they consist of his partner, 2 adopted girls, and his mother. Bernard is very dramatic and always made me smile.


Nessie said...

This reminds me of Shania Twain's own life story. Her 2 parents and eldest sister died in a crash and she had to support her 5 younger sibbling whom she all put through college!!!

booklogged said...

Sounds good. Do you know if there are more than 3 books in the series? I'm a bit hesitant to take on more than I can handle. Guess I'll just go searching and find out before I add this to my TBR list. Very nice review.

Kris said...

There are only three in this series right now.