Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Blush With Death by India Ink

This is the second in the Bath and Body Mystery series, and it was just as good as the first.
Another bath and body store has opened up on Gull Harbor. Venus Envy is losing customers but they think they will be okay, but then it starts to look like the new store is out to get them. Bebe Wilcox, owner of the new store, has been spreading rumors about Venus Envy, suddenly Persia's journal of all her scent lines has been stolen, all the roses in their garden have been destroyed, and what the heck has happened to their computer?
Before Persia can confront Sharon (who she believes stole her journal), Sharon is found in a coma, with a gunshot wound. Will she survive? and who is behind her shooting? Venus Envy isn't the only store/beauty line that has reason to be upset with Bebe Wilcox and her new beauty company.
I really like Persia and her Aunt Florence. I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen to Venus Envy. Even though this is only the second in the series, I really felt like I was back with old friends and I couldn't wait to hear what was going on with Barb and Persia and Auntie and Kyle and well...everyone else in the town. lol!
cozy mystery/2nd in series/272 pgs


Lover of Books said...

This looks like a good series but I have enough right now. lol

nessie said...

i love the names of the characters and the store, etc. They are so inviting