Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Death on the Flop by Jackie Chance

Wow - what a great book by this author. (keep reading because I have contest info at the bottom where you could be the lucky winner to receive a copy of this book) This is the first in a new cozy mystery series and I believe it is the first by this author as well. I couldn't find any others by her on amazon and couldn't find a website for her - because of course now I want to know when the next book will come out. lol! It better not be a year - I don't think I can wait.
Belinda Cooley has had a very rough week, she turned 40, caught her fiance cheating on her, and quit her job (because the ex-fiance was the boss). Her brother shows up and convinces her to go to Vegas with him, where he has entered a Texas hold-em tournament. Soon after they arrive Bee witnesses something in the stairwell that should shouldn't have witnessed and when she returns to her room later that day, somebody has trashed it, her brother is missing, and there is blood. Bee calls up Frank, a man she met in the bar who is in the security business. Frank agree's to help her find her brother. Frank also teaches Bee how to play hold-em, so she can take her brother's spot in the tournament, this will keep her safe from the goons who are after her and get her close to one of their prime suspects.
I loved Bee, oh, and Frank too. Lol! I loved the way they interacted with each other. I really liked Bee's attitued as well - she's very funny. If you are looking for a new cozy to start the year off - ths is the book for you.
I have a copy of this book to give away to one lucky cozy mystery reader. Here's what you have to do - comment on this post, tell me you want to be entered, and suggest another cozy author to try out (haha!). I will keep track of those interested and after a 2 weeks I will put all the names in a hat and have hubby draw a winner. I will then post a message on my blog saying who the winner is and will also contact the winner so I can get their address and mail them the book.


Kristie said...

Please enter me into the contest. I love those cozy mysteries that are a perfect read on a lazy day.

Some other cozy authors I really like are Laura Levine, author of the Jaine Austen mysteries (really funny!) and Elaine Viets, especially her Dead-End Jobs series. I discovered her at the library and quickly picked up the whole series!

pjhess said...

Sounds really good Kris. Am ordering books tomorrow so will add it to my list. Great review.
Here's 2 new authors for you

1) Barbara Jaye Wilson.. Brenda Midnight series.. very good

2) Emily Toll Booked For Travel Mystery sereis very good too!

Heidi said...

Sounds good Kris. Please enter me. However you will have to wait awhile for the next one, since the one you read just came out this month.

Heather Webber, Leann Sweeney, Laura Durham are some of the cozy authors I enjoy. Not sure if I mentioned them to you in the past.


Lover of Books said...

Please enter me into the contest!My favorite lately has been Leann Sweeney she wrote the Yellow Rose Mystery series. I have read all three books and the fourth one came out yesterday. :)

Brendcat said...

Great review, makes me want to curl in my lounger and start gettting to know more about the characters. You have turned me on
to alot of great authors, no way
I can keep up with you in reading
all of them though.. Put my name in the hat, Would be great to win
this one.

booklogged said...

Kris, please enter me, too. There's nothing I love better than a cozy mystery. Your review entices me so I hope (xx fingers crossed xx) I win! Here are a few of my favorite mystery series.

1) Kathy Lynn Emerson - The Lady Susana Appleton series. First book is Face Down Upon the Marrow Bone Pie.

2) Kathrine Hall Page - first book is A Body in the Belfry

I like the idea of this drawing and if you don't mind, I may steal the idea for a future book giveaway. Thank you.

nessie said...

Well, who wouldn't want to enter!!??

For a cozy read, I would have to go with Julie Garwood's Scotland romances because they are HILARIOUS and fun. Perfect desert books. (I ahev 2 reviews for her on my blog)

Also, I love curling up with a L M Mountgomery's series Anne of Green Gables. Is that the Canadian in me? You read it - especially the first books - and you feel a tingle all the way down to your toes!

Brendcat said...

Hey Kris, thanks for the recommendation... I really enjoy
Elizabeth Goodwater's works. Easy to read, quick to get them done.
Appreciate your consideration.

Gavin said...

Me Again Kris :)
Here's a link to the author's page on fantastic fiction.


I take it the competition's closed ?