Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The Testament by Eric Van Lustbader

Finally - I finished it, big pat on the back for me. Lol! I just don't do well with chunky book - and yes - this one counts towards the chunkster challenge, it was 477 pages.
Bravo Shaw has not been on good terms with his father for awhile. His father insists on meeting with Bravo before they head to his sisters house for a family dinner. His father tries to tell Bravo that he needs his help and needs to tell him something, but Bravo doesn't listen. Then...as his father is opening the door to his daughter's house - there is an explosion and his father is killed. Bravo soon learns that his father was part of a secret organization, Gnostic Observatine, and they are currently under attack by Knights of St. Clement. Bravo is now the keeper - he has the key to the cache, the items the order has kept for years and that the Knights want. Bravo must follow and solve the clues his father has left him so he can find the cache before the knights do. Along the way he meets those who are part of the Gnostic Observatine's and are trying to protect him, those who are part of the Gnostic's but are traitors, and he keeps running into Knights who want to kill him or at least track him to the cache.
This book did take me awhile to get into it. Once I did get interested and got past the first part where the author is just giving tons of info so you know what is going on...I did enjoy the book. I liked Bravo - I liked the twists of the other characters - you do learn who the traitor was before Bravo figures it out - but for awhile you don't know who it is and it kept me guessing.
I read the reviews on amazon from other readers and they didn't seem to like it, but I did think this was a good book. Some said it isn't as good as his other books - but I have never read his other books so I can't compare. I think if you liked the Da Vinci Code and you like the idea of a secret order with items somebody else wants and somebody has to solve the clues to find the items while at the same time trying to stay alive...then you will probably like this book. Now...it is very different from the Da Vinci Code (in my opinion), so don't expect it to be the same - but it's the same idea.


Lover of Books said...

I have read other books with the same idea. One I really liked was the Expected One by Kathleen McGowan. :) I remember it was a pretty good sized book too. :)

nessie said...

His Black Ninja and sequals are amazing. Also, he has a 'new' fantasy series that is out that I absolutly adored. I started reading him because my TKD sensei said that this guy is the only person who ever got the martial arts perspective so right.