Monday, February 19, 2007

Dead Canaries Don't Sing by Cynthia Baxter

Jessica Popper is a veterinarian who does house calls. She is on her way to check out a horse at a local farm, but she is late so she is going in the back way. Her van gets stuck and when she opens the door to get out and take a look - her two dogs jump out and start running around. While she is trying to figure out how to get her van out of this mess her dogs start barking and she knows that isn't their normal bark. When she goes to them to see what the problem is...she realizes they have found a dead body buried in the woods.
Jessica used to date Nick, a private investigator, and she decides that since she found the dead body, she should also be the one to look into his murder. The police also don't seem to be in a rush to solve this one. Jessica is somehow able to get everyone of her suspects to talk to her and eventually starts stepping on some toes because she is followed, threatened, and her neighbor and friend is also threatened. Nick tries to warn her off of the case but when he realizes she wont' listen, he offers his help. This just causes problems though because even though they broke up...they still care a lot about each other.
This is the first in a cozy mystery series. I really enjoyed it..I liked Jessica Popper - I loved her comments and thoughts, thought they were funny. I loved Betty, her neighbor and friend. Betty is a wacky older lady but sounds like she is a fun lady to be around. I know there are more books in the series and I plan to read the rest.
cozy mystery/new author/TBR challenge/ 371 pgs


Lover of Books said...

That sounds so good! :)I'll have to keep it in mind. :)

booklogged said...

Sounds enjoyable. I'm so in the mood for a cozy mystery.