Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Vision by Heather Graham

Genevieve is an experienced diver in Key West. She is working on a project to find the Marie Josephine. On one of her dives she believes she sees a women on the ocean floor. At first she believes it is a mannequin but as she gets closer she realizes it is a real women who has been tied to a weight but then the women begins to speak to her. She says the one word - Beware!

Gen immediately goes to the top and tells the other divers there is a women in the water, but nobody else sees her. The police divers even come and take a look but they don't' find anything. Could Gen really be seeing a ghost? Then Gen starts to have dreams of the women and dead pirates, when she wakes up she is covered in seawater as is the floor and bed. Then a dead women is found in the water. Meanwhile Gen is becoming involved with Thor - another diver. Will Thor continue to love Gen even though she sees ghosts and he doesn't believe in them. Will the real killer be caught?

I really liked this book. I have read two others by Heather Graham before and this is one of my favorites. I like the paranormal mystery romance books. Two of the people who show up in this book were also in another that I have read, Ghost Walk. However you don't need to read Ghost Walk in order to understand this book. They are secondary characters and don't play a huge role, I just happened to recognize the names so I looked up Ghost Walk on amazon to confirm.

mystery/405pgs/chunkster challenge

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That sounds really good! I'll have to read it eventually.