Friday, March 30, 2007

Night of the Living Deb by Susan McBride

This is the newest in the series by the author.

Andy’s boyfriend, Malone, takes a friend to a strip club for a bachelor’s party…only Malone never makes it home. He is seen leaving the building with one of the strippers and everyone tells Andy that she was dumped. Andy knows this is not like Malone and that something must have happened. Things get worse with the stripper is found dead in Malone’s car and Malone is still nowhere to be find. Andy decides to try and find him on her own, of course. Haha!

I thought this was just as good as the others. Andy is very funny and I like her comments. I like this one because her Mom, the Mom’s boyfriend, and Allie (ex-girlfriend to Malone) all come together and end up working as a group to find Malone and clear his name.

Cozy mystery/ 352 pages

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