Monday, April 30, 2007

Acts of Violets by Kate Collins

This is the latest in the flower shop mystery series.

Marco is doing a favor for a friend of his sisters and gets into a fight with a guy. This guy is later found dead and Marco is the prime, well, really the only suspect the police are looking in to. Marco can't do any investigating on his own, so he asks Abby to do it for him. At first Abby doesn't want to because she doesn't think she is good enough, but she does it because nobody else is trying to clear his name.

Abby has a run in with Trina, the lady Marco was helping, who is very pretty. The Mazella's - the wife is a little strange, when Abby does talk to her she is always wearing a mask and taking about spirits and evil, and then Eve Taylor, the victim's mother. Abby also meets Marco's mother - which Abby is a little scarred about doing since they have only been dating 6 months.

Abby only has 1 week to clear Marco's name and things don't look good.

I really enjoy this series and this book wasn't a disappointment. I think Abby is funny and I love Gracy and Lottie, her friends and co-workers. I can't wait for the next one (and I know I have a long wait in front of me. haha!)

mystery/309 pgs

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