Monday, April 23, 2007

In the Company of the Courtesan by Sarah Dunant

Fiammetta Bianchini is a sought after courtesan in Rome. Rome is under attack and she is able to escape with her servant Bucino Teodoldo, a dwarf. They go to Venice where Fiammetta is from in hopes that they can start over. They soon learn it will be harder than expected since her mother has passed on and her servent sold all her items of value.
Bucino and Fiammetta are finally able to get set up in Venice with a nice house where Fiammetta can become a popular courtesan again. There are always things going on though. Why is it Bucino doesn't like La Drago very much? Who stole their big ruby that was supposed to help them get set up? Will Bucino get used to Venice and not be afraid of the water? Who is the Turk and why does he have more interest in Bucino instead of Fiammetta?
I found the book very interesting. It was a fast read for me. I know many historical fictions are hard for me to read because of the language but she wrote with modern language so that wasn't an issue. I think she did a great job of describing Venice. I have been to Venice and was able to picture the churches and palace that she mentioned, and the canals and walk ways were as she described.
bookclub/fiction/new author/361 pgs

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Lover of Books said...

This one sounds good! I'll have to keep it in mind. I should get your book mailed out tomorrow. :)You won The Madonna's of Leningrad. :)