Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Athletic Shorts - Six Short Stories by Chris Crutcher

This is a young adult book and is for the banned book challenge I am doing.

Overall I enjoyed the stories. I'm not really going to give a review of each one, there are six. All the stories revolve around sports somehow, but if you are not a sports fan don't worry, you will still understand and enjoy the stories. I'm not a sports fan and I liked them. Each story gives the reader a message, I liked that.

I feel I wouldn't have a problem letting my kids read this. My guess is that it was banned/challenged because there is a story where the kid has a racist father and so there are a lot of socially unacceptable terms in that story and there is another story that deals with a man being gay and having aids. I feel both stories were fine and what the author wrote was needed to get the message across, it didn't bother me at all.

new author/banned book challenge/young adult/194 pages

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