Monday, April 16, 2007

A Mold for Murder by Tim Myers

This is the 3rd in the soap making mystery series by this author.
Ben and his family have decided to hold a Soap Celebration at his families soap store. They are hoping this will bring in a lot more business. Ben has even gotten a very famous writer of soap making books to come to the store and do a signing. The day of the signing she shows up without her assistant. While she is waiting by the production room and has Ben announce her, she is killed.
As usual Ben decides to investigate the murder, especially since he feels it is his fault because he contacted her about the book signing. Thinks get worse when it comes out that the author is the person who killed his girlfriend's parents when she was young. Ben and Diana's relationship takes a turn for the worst when he tries to be thorough and questions her on where she was when the author was killed. As in the other books Molly, head of police, tries to keep Ben from investigating on his own.
So far I have enjoyed this series and this is no exception. I like seeing what is going to happen with Ben's love life and love his family. This is a fun, cozy mystery that is great for a quick read.
mystery/221 pages

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