Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Cereal Murders by Diane Mott Davidson

This is the 3rd in the culenary mystery series.

Goldy, the caterer, is catering an event at Elk Park Preparatory School. The headmaster is having all the seniors together for dinner to discuss colleges and make sure they get their applications in, etc. The dinner is wrapping up when suddenly the lights go out. Finally the lights come back on but when Goldy goes outside to start putting items in her van, she notices a sled with a coat by it. She goes to pick up the coat...but it turns out to be the murdered valedictorian.

That's not the end of it though. It's seems there are a lot of things going on at that school that people don't want getting into the news. Goldy and her son Arch, and their house guest Julian, who will now be valedictorian, seem to keep having things happen to them, things that threaten their lives. Goldy can't figure out why somebody would be after her household. Plus..she continues to cater for the school and each time there are heated arguments with the seniors parents, she's had enough.

There is also a move forward in her relationship with Tom Schultz, the homicide detective.

I enjoy this series. I believe I have mentioned this in the past but the only thing I don't like is that Goldy does seem to dwell on the past and the abuse her ex-husband inflicted on her. I just want to say....get over it. However, I'm sure it's hard to get past and I know it is part of how Goldy is. So...that would be my only complaint but at the same time I do enjoy this series and will continue to read them. I like the recipes too. I haven't made any but some of them do sound really good. I think I might try a couple from this book.

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Lover of Books said...

I liked this one quite a bit myself. :) The series only gets better.

Carey said...

I love htis saries - although the only downfall is how hungry I get ready all the great recipes & descriptions. Can't wait to see a new one come out.