Friday, May 11, 2007

No more bath and body series by India Ink

So...what do you all think about this?

I have read all of the books in the bath and body series by India Ink and gave them lots of praise and am saddened to say the author has decided to not work on this series for awhile, if at all. The same author writes the Chintz n China series, using her real name Yasmine Galenorn. She has decided to stop that series as well.

Here is a link to her website:

The reason per her website:
NOTE: As of March 2007: This series is officially on hiatus. Yasmine is grateful to everyone who took Persia into their hearts, but right now, her agent and publisher agree with her that focusing on the Sisters of the Moon series is the way to go for her career in terms of career growth, happiness as a writer, and being able to make a living.

I am a little upset because the Sisters of the Moon series is not something I think most cozy mystery readers will enjoy and feel they are losing two good series. I am sure there are many interested in the Sisters of the Moon series however I personally probably wouldn't read them. I was thinking of it...but I was going to email the author and tell her I was saddened that I wouldn't be able to read the Bath and Body series but good luck on the others...and this is what the website says when I clicked on contact and then email. I was stunned by makes me think that she really doesn't have much interest in her cozy mystery fans. I have emailed authors before and sometimes it will take awhile but they have always emailed me back and I've never been told they are too busy for a fan. I can understand why they put this on the site..I just think it comes off a little harsh and they could have worded it differently.

Here is a copy of what is on the website:

Okay, here's the deal: Yasmine LOVES to hear from her readers, but she's on some very tight deadlines. If you want to read more books, she needs to write them instead of focusing on answering mail. Please be assured though, your letter will be read and either she or her assistant will answer as many as possible. Please be patient. Please fill out the form that follows this table and then click "Submit". No attachments can be sent through this contact page, and no attachments will be accepted on the return address.
Some common FAQS:
"Are there more tarot CDs from Tarot Journeys?": The answer is on the metaphysical nonfiction page. Please look it up yourself.
"Where can I find a copy of Legend of the Jade Dragon?" and "Will there be another printing of Legend of the Jade Dragon?" The answer: Probably not. Your best bet is to look in used bookstores and libraries. Yasmine does not sell copies from the site.
"Why did you stop writing mysteries? I'm (mad, disappointed, won't read you again, fill in the blank)" (and yes, we are getting some rather rude letters on this subject...some nice ones too, but a few just plain rude): Yasmine is grateful to everyone who took Emerald and Persia into their hearts, but there's a time for everything to end. And right now, her agent and publisher agree with her that focusing on the Sisters of the Moon series is the way to go for her career in terms of career growth, happiness as a writer, and being able to make a living. Yasmine has always preferred fantasy to mystery--it's just a matter of choice, and finally has the chance to write what she loves and feels she's best at.
AND....last but not least: Note: rude and demanding letters won't be answered. And we really shouldn't have to add this note, but considering a few of the letters that Yasmine has received, here goes:
All suspicious, pornographic, threat, or harassment mail will be promptly turned over to the police and postal authorities. Rude letters will be dealt with by the use of the deletion key, (but we keep a list of names and if you're a repeat offender, you will be reported to your ISP, the cops, and whoever else we have to, so think twice about pressing the send key). Letters in this vein will not be receiving any sort of reply from Galenorn En/Visions.


Bookfool said...

I think it's pretty tactlessly worded, myself. From a writing standpoint, it makes perfect sense to me for a writer to have reached a place that she's making enough money to write what she wants. But, to say, "Go look it up yourself," rather than, "You can find the answer, here," is so tacky it defies belief. Yeah, I would avoid that author because her website does make it sound like, "Hey, reader, I'm going to do my own thing, you can stuff it, and I don't honestly want to hear what you think." Shame on her!!

Heidi said...

I am so annoyed by all of this. I have not read Chintz n China series yet, but I think I finally have all of them....I am debating what to do with them and if I will ever read them.

I also sent her an email wishing her luck and said that I hope she brings back the series. I will not hold my breath waiting for a relpy from her or her people.

Her website has really annoyed me.

Literary Feline said...

I have the first of her Chintz n China series here to try but haven't gotten around to it. Someday . . . Along with all my other yet to be read books. LOL

I'm with Nancy in that it was rather tactlessly worded. I do understand an author wanting to move on in her writing and sometimes it goes against what some fans want (can't please everyone all of the time, sort of thing). Still, it could have been better conveyed to the readers.

Lynne said...

Tacky, tacky. You can bet that she's an author I won't be reading.