Monday, May 21, 2007

Perfect Match by Jodi Picoult

This is a story about a family that is turned upside down when the 5 year old son is sexually abused. The mother is a prosecutor and deals with these types of cases regularly and can see how it can destroy a child. She never thought it would happen to her son. At first her son cannot talk after this happens. He then finally names the person who did it and it turns out the be the priest at the local church they attend.
On the day the priest is taken to court, the wife decides to take matters into her own hands and she kills them. She said she is doing it to protect her son...but was she?
This action then causes problems with her marriage because her husband can't understand why she did that and then when she has to go to jail for a short time it causes negative reactions to their son, he stops speaking again.
I don't want to say too much because I don't want to give it away.
I read this for my f2f book club and I finished the book on Saturday but waiting till after the meeting to review it. Most people felt the same we I did. Most of us liked the book but we didn't like the wife. We liked the rest of the characters though. One girl actually didn't really like the book but thinks it is because she didn't like the wife and that was keeping her from caring about the book.
This is the 3rd Picoult book I have read and while it wasn't my favorite of the 3, I still enjoyed it.
fiction/f2f bookclub/351 pages


Literary Feline said...

Kris, I hope to read this one as well as several of the author's other books. I've read four of her novels so far and have enjoyed each of them immensely. She has a great gift for taking difficult topics and showing all sides of an issue.

Lover of Books said...

I LOVED this book. :) Course I either really like or LOVE all of her books so far. LOLOh, well. I was impressed and she said she was like the mother in the book. :) Interesting idea huh?