Monday, June 11, 2007

Dedication by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

This is a story of Kate and her love for Jake Sharpe. She is now 30, but this attraction started way before that. It started in grade school, where they never became a couple, and continued through high school, where they did date. Then one day he leaves and ends up being a very popular music star and all his songs are about Kate. Only when he left..he never said goodbye and never contacted her again. Kate has been living her life trying to forget him, although its hard to do when his songs (about her) are played in bars and grocery stories, etc. One day she gets a call from her best friend, Laura, saying that he is back in their home town. Kate catches the next plane to Croton Falls, Vermont. The mission: to find Jake Sharpe and confront him with what he has done and make him regret it.

This was a wonderful book, I loved it! These are the same women who wrote The Nanny Diaries, which I also loved. The main storyline of the book is Kate trying to get back in touch with Jake and make him regret what he did, just leaving and using her for his songs. However there is so much more going on. There is still some stuff going on with Kate and her parents, she loves them but something happened in high school to distance them a little. There is also the wonderful friendship between Kate and Laura ( I so wish I had a friendship like these two do). The story is written where one chapter is current time and the next chapter will be in the past. I have a habit of not reading the name of the chapter and the first time it did this I was sooo confused. I then read the name of the chapter and duh, it tells me they are in Sixth grade. So a tip to all you in reader land - read the chapter names. haha! I think they way they wrote it worked very well. You get to learn what is currently going on but then get a chapter from the past where it gives you some background on everyone.



Lover of Books said...

I just finished this one today and wrote my review on my blog. :)

Literary Feline said...

I have this one among my TBR stack to read. I haven't been in the mood for this type of book though, which is a shame because it sounds like it will be good. Great review!

Lisa said...

That sounds great, I just added it to my wishlist.