Monday, June 11, 2007

The Higher Power of Lucky by Susan Patron

Lucky lives in a very small town, population 43. She is looking for her higher power, but isn't sure exactly what higher power is. She lives with her Guardian, Bridgett. Lucky's Mom died a couple years ago and she never knew her father, but her father asked his first wife to come watch Lucky until they can find an adoptive family for her. Lucky carries around her survival backpack because she knows Bridgett misses France, where she is from, and needs to be able to survive if Bridgett decides to leave. Then one day she thinks Bridgett is getting ready to move back to France and she thinks about running away. A sandstorm comes and she knows it is time to run away. She won't go far...just be gone for a couple of days to make Bridgett miss her so she won't leave.
This is a YA/Children's book. I thought it was very cute and a good story. I read this for the Newberry challenge (believe it is the winner for this year) and for the banned book challenge. It was banned/challenged this year because the word scrotum is used. I don't have kids, but personally I don't see that as a reason to NOT let them read this book. I will say that in most cases, the child reading the book is not going to know what a scrotum is but in the end of the book the author does describe what it is.
new author/YA/134 pgs/Newberry Challenge and banned book challenge

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