Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things by Carolyn Mackler

Virginia is a high school sophomore. She is a little big bigger than the other girls and isn't very popular. Her best friend is in Walla Walla for the year and she doesn't really have anybody else. She kinda becomes friends with Froggy, but they really only take on Monday's when he goes to her apt after school and they make out. Her Mom is a pretty popular adolescent psychologist who is glad her family is normal and has no problems. But is that really true? Anais, the oldest girl, decides to do a stint in the peace corps before going to Medical school, Byron is the person everyone loves but soon he does something that tears his life apart. Virginia used to idolize him but after what he did...she begins to see who he really is. Virginia isn't even sure she is really her parents child. She is fat and has blond hair and her siblings are skinny and have brown hair - they look nothing alike. Plus...she doesn't really understand French and the others speak fluent french. Soon, with everything going on, Virginia decides to do what she wants to do. She visits her friend in Seattle and gets her eyebrow pierced and then when her Mom doesn't like her purple dress because it doesn't go with her hair, she dyes her hair purple. This is the story about how Virginia deals with life as a teenager. She has to deal with her weight, her parents not really being there for her, her brother not being how she thought he was, not really having any friends, and well....typical high school/teenager stuff.
I personally really liked this book. Oh boy did it bring back memories of high school. haha!
I thought this was a great book that shows what types of things girls go through during high school, especially if they aren't the popular kids and it even touches a little bit on what at least one popular kid goes through in order to keep her status. As for the piercing...way to go! haha! After she got it she mentioned feeling different with it..I kinda feel the same way with mine. It doesn't matter that with my piercings and tattoo's people can't see them..I know they are there and they make me feel different (yeah yeah - even though I know others have piercings and tattoos..it still makes me feel like I'm different. haha)
This book was for the banned book challenge...My guess is that it was banned or challenge due to the issues of weight and sex. However...I think those are typical issues for teenagers to deal with and wouldn't keep my kid from reading it. I thought the outcome of the book was very good and would prefer my kids read it and then we talk about it, rather than tell them they couldn't read it.
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