Monday, June 18, 2007

The Giver by Lois Lowry

Jonas lives in a perfect world. It's a world that we wouldn't understand. The family units consist of a mother, father, and at the most two kids - a boy and a girl. There are rules that everyone follows and nobody deviates from the rules, but why would they want to? Everyone is happy.

Soon it is time for Jonas to have his twelve's ceremony. All the kids who will be twelve will be given their role for their adulthood. Jonas is nervous because he doesn't know exactly what he will be given. When it comes time for him to be given a role it is said that he is received and he will be the next Receiver of Memory. He really has no idea what this means. He meets the current Receiver of Memory, who is now called The Giver. This man walks Jonas through the special training required. It is through this training that Jonas realizes there is more out there than sameness. There are colors and feelings..things he never experienced before. Will Jonas be able to handle this?

This is a young adult book and somewhat science fiction because the way these people live is much different than how we live. Everything is the same, whereas we know everything to be different. I was reading it and thinking Man..why didn't I read this when I was growing up? What a great book! Then I looked at the copyright date, 1993, and realized I was probably within the correct age group but reading at a higher level by then. Although what does that say about me that I'm even older now and reading it? haha!

I really thought this was a wonderful book. I loved the whole idea of it. I loved how his world opened up when he received the memories and how he wanted others to share them and know what it was like to love and feel warmth and snow.

I read this for the banned book challenge and as an alternate for the Newbery challenge. I'm not sure of the exact reason why this book was banned/challenge although I have an idea. One of the memories that Jonas is given involves war and death and it is a little descriptive, there is also other parts in the book where death is mentioned. So..that is my guess but again I'm not sure. I don't believe I would keep my kid (future kid anyway. haha!) from reading this book. I think I would just talk to them about it once they were finished. Again..I don't have kids so I suppose my thoughts could change once I do, but right now I don't see myself keeping a kid from reading this one.

new author/YA/180 pgs/Banned Book Challenge and Newbery Challenge


Bookfool said...

Youngster read this book, a couple years ago, and loved it. I had no idea what it was about. Now, you've really got me anxious to locate his copy. Except, I'm a little afraid to go into the teenager's room. He piles things and I'm thinking I could get killed in a possession slide. LOL

Lisa said...

I read this a month or so ago. I loved it completely.