Monday, July 23, 2007

The Kommandant's Girl by Pam Jenoff

This is the story of Emma Bau. She is only 19 when this book starts and recently married. She is also Jewish and living in Poland. The Nazi's come into Poland and Emma's husband, Jacob, is part of the Resistance group and he must disappear. She must pretend she was never married to him or her life would be in danger. She goes back to her parents apartment only to find the whole area deserted. She finds out they are now in the Ghetto and she goes to be with them, they are the only family she has left. Then one night she is smuggled out of the ghetto by the resistance and taken to live with Jacob's aunt Krystia. She is also given a new identity, Anna. Anna catches the eye of Kommandant Richwalder, a high-ranking Nazi official. She is asked to work as his personal secretary and agrees. In this position she is able to help the resistance. Then the resistance asks her to do something that she isn't comfortable with, she must get access to his home study and look for papers there. This is somewhat easy since he is in love with her, but in order to do this she must go against her marriage contract. Anna does it in hopes of helping the resistance. Then things just get worse and worse and Anna isn't sure she will be able to pull it off.
I thought this was a very good book. There were parts of it that I just didn't like so Anna continuing to talk about being nervous, and cheating on her husband, etc. For the most part this stuff didn't bother me...just things that I noticed. This is also the authors first novel and so I hope in the future her writing gets even better. With saying all that...I still really enjoyed this book and would encourage others to read it. The story kept me interested from the beginning, I actually read it a lot faster than expected. I like reading stories on WWII and it is always interesting to read a book where a Jewish person was able to live right under the noises of the Nazi's.
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