Monday, July 30, 2007

Nerd in Shining Armor by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Genevieve grew up in the backwoods of TN but now lives in Hawaii with her Mom, Annabelle, and her younger brother Lincoln. Annabelle moved them to Hawaii so they could get far away from the life they used to live and have a chance to start over. Genevieve works as a secretary at a software company and knows that one of the owners, Nick, often brings a secretary on his trips to Maui. She is hoping that she is asked next because she knows he would end up falling in love with her. Now her time has come but it seems it will be ruined by Jackson Farley, he is a programmer and will be going on the trip. They start out and after a little bit Jackson mentions they are going the wrong way. Then Nick pulls out a gun and after telling them he has embezzled money from the company he jumps out the plan with a parachute and leaves Jackson and Genevieve to die when the plan crashes. However Jackson has played simulation games and is able to steer the plain around and they crash into the ocean but survive. They swim to an island and hope somebody will rescue them. Of course Jackson is happy about this because he is in love with Genevieve. Soon...Genevieve starts having feelings for Jackson as well. I think we could all use our imagination on what could happen when two people are stuck on a deserted island.
I think this book was fun. It is what you would expect from a romance. It was cute, fun, and a little silly. I liked the nerd part of it. I mostly picked up this book because I read another persons review and liked the title. haha! Then one of my friends, Barbara, told me I had to move it to the top of my TBR pile because she wanted to know what I thought of it. I can definitely see myself reading more of the nerd romances by this author.
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Heidi said...

LOL So I guess 99.9 percent of the time we have the same excellent taste in books.

Glad you liked it.
It has been awhile since I read it but I remember thinking it was one of the stupidest books I ever read.