Friday, July 27, 2007

The Pinball Theory of Apocalypse by Jonathan Selwood

This is one of my favorite quotes from the book:
pg. 79
"I meant it as a compliment."
"And I accept it as an insult."
This book is about Isabel Raven. She is an artist living in LA. and her work is becoming very popular. This story actually only spans a number of days. It starts with an earthquake. So she has to deal with her apartment building starting to sink and having to go live with her parents because her boyfriend is a chef for a 16-year old pop-star and he wont' let her stay in the guest house with him. She learns this is because he is cheating on her with his boss. Then she learns that he is engaged to the 16-year old. She also has to deal with her agent who is, shall we say, a little extravagant. He puts nude photo's of her on her website, which she doesn't know about until somebody tells her. Then she meets a rich billionaire and his adopted daughter seems to latch on to her. She is 13 and a drug dealer and gets into tons of trouble. The it comes time for Isabel's art show...and she almost misses it. When she finally does show up, she is almost killed.
This book is a quick read, it's only 180 pgs so it's short but also funny and keeps you moving. There is never a dull moment. I thought the book was very funny but also admit that I think some people might not get it. The things that happen are very over the top and I think you have to keep that in mind. While I was reading it I came across one paragraph that summed this book up perfectly, but now I can't find it. haha! I like Isabel. She seems to be somewhat normal and be surrounded by those who are a little, well, weird. haha! I personally really liked this book and would love to see more by this author.
new author/fiction/180pgs

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