Friday, July 20, 2007

Room for Murder by Tim Myers

I've been feeling in the dumps all week and didn't really like the book I was reading and thought I would grab another book to help lift my spirits. Of course I had to grab the next in the lighthouse inn mystery series by Tim Myers!
(let me just clarify that murders don't make me happy. haha! I read cozy's when I'm in the dumps because it's my favorite genre. I pick series that I am familiar with so when I read them I feel like I'm with friends)
This is book #4 in the series. They finally have a full inn, especially now that the second building is completed. Nothing could be better...but then of course murder strikes. This time there are actually two murders. Alex is so busy he can't really be noisy but does what he can since his best friend Mo and his fiance Emma are suspects in one of them. Add to the mixture his feelings for Elisa and the upcoming date.
This is one of those series where the books aren't that big (not a bad thing!) so they are usually a quick read, the characters are great, and the stories keep my interest. To me this is a perfect cozy mystery. I have already read all of his books in the soap making series, the first in the candle shop series, and the first one in the series he wrote as Elizabeth Bright. I enjoyed all of them. I only have one more in this series and even though he hasn't written any more in this series since 2004, I can keep my hopes up. :)
mystery/181 pgs

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I hope the book lifted your spirts.