Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cashed In by Jackie Chance

This is the second in the poker mystery series by the author.

Belinda Cooley (Bee Cool) thinks she is going on a relaxing cruise for vacation and playing some poker while she is at it. Then she learns that her boyfriend, Frank, won't be able to make it, and she is stuck on this cruise with her twin brother, Ben, and her parents.

Then she finds that Ben has been acting as her manager and has been promoting her being on this poker cruise. Then even worse is that they find out that on several cruises, important poker players have disappeared. When things start to seem fishy on the cruise, Belinda ends up in the middle of it while trying to figure it all out.

I really enjoyed the first in the series and enjoyed this one as well. I like Belinda, I think she is funny. I know this one recently came out, but I can't wait for the third. The only bad thing I would say about the book is that it does involve poker so sometimes it talks about the hands and since I have no idea how to play, that stuff just goes right over my head.



Bookfool said...

That has a really cute cover - the kind that I'm a sucker for. Did you notice your sticky post has slipped?

April said...

I just saw this one on the Berkley Prime Crime site and thought it looked and sounded really good! I will have to add it to my list, lol!