Friday, September 7, 2007

The Trouble with Witches by Shirley Damsgaard

This is the third in the Ophelia and Abby mystery series.

This time the mystery isn't that Ophelia stumbles on a dead body. haha!
Rick, who shows up in a previous book, contacts Ophelia and asks for her and Abby's help. A friend's daughter has disappeared and the local authorities aren't able to find anything. He believes it has something to do with the group the girl was hanging out with, they are a bit of a "cult" and study the paranormal. Rick tried to get info about them but it wasn't easy. He thinks Ophelia and Abby will be able to since they are both psychics. So...they travel to this small town to see what they can do.

Add into the story a little girl called Tinks who seems ok unless she is around her Aunt and Uncle, the cult leaders, and a Native American man called Walk's Quietly.

I love this series and when I read this one I felt like I was with friends. I know I say that a lot when I review a cozy mystery, but it's true. I like the paranormal, so this is the perfect kind of book for me. I also really liked the ending to this one.

And...keep in mind that if you are doing the cozy mystery challenge you will have the chance to win one of the books in this series!


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