Friday, September 14, 2007

Murder Uncorked and Michele Scott

This is the first in a wine-lover's mystery series.

Nikki is offered a job at a famous winery, Malveaux. She agrees to go there and stay for a couple days to check out the winery and see if she wants it. Her first day there, however, she finds a dead body.

She was brought up by her aunt, a cop, and decides to play Nancy Drew to figure out what happened. Then, another worker at the winery is found murdered. Nikki continues to snoop and soon she is in trouble as well.

I thought this was a good book. I was interested in the story and the wine info. Not so much about the wines themselves but a little about how it is made. I liked Nikki and Derek Malveaux, they seem to be the two main characters in the story. I know there are now three in this series and I plan to read those too. This author also has another series, regarding horses, I made my Mom buy the first in that series and now I can't wait to borrow it. haha!

new author/mystery/219pgs

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Erin said...

They think of everything with mystery themes now-a-days, don't they? Wine doesn't interest me much but you seemed to really have enjoyed the book, so maybe I'll give it a shot if I pass it by. Series addict me too.