Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hooked by Jane May

This is a fictional book by Jane May. This story is actually a modern version of one of Grimm's fairytales, where a sailor gets help from a fish. In this adaption the main character, Woody, catches a talking fish. This fish offers him anything he wants in order for his freedom. At first Woody isn't going to take him up on the offer but he would like to date a certain girl and soon asks for a nicer car. Then...the girl starts demanding more and Woody keeps going back to the fish until it gets out of hand.

I thought the story itself was fun and kept my interest. There were just some things I didn't like about it. Nothing major, just some of the language or some stuff that I just didn't think fit the story. Well...maybe it did fit the story...but I didn't think it was necessary. And this makes no sense to you right? haha!

Over-all - I did enjoy the story as a light and fun read.

new author/fiction/245pgs

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Lover of Books said...

I really liked this one too. So glad you did. At times, I could not believe what was going on but then what can you do? :)The little I remember from the original fairy tale, she did a good job with the twist. :)