Monday, November 12, 2007

Love Kills by Edna Buchanan

This is the 9th in the series. This is the first I read in the series and do plan to start at the beginning.
Brit has been away from her job for awhile, she needed time to herself after her fiance was killed. She finally decides to go back to Miami and her job at the newspaper. First...before she leaves she is at the beach with her friend when they find a disposable camera. They finish the role and hope to recognize the owners so they can return the pictures once developed. Once the film is developed they realize it is the lost couple who have been on their honeymoon. Brit soon realizes that the groom - has lost many bride's while on the honeymoon. She convinces her boss to let her look into it.
Second.....the cold case squad starts looking into the murder of a man who was famous for stealing children from their Mom's and returning them to their Dad's - as you can guess this is for families who have been divorced and the women have received custody.
So throughout this book there are really two different stories going on, but the characters overlap. It also was easy to follow each one. Brit's story was the main one.
Since this is the 9th in the series, once again I feel like I missed out because I didn't start at #1. However, if you read this blog then you realize that always happens when I read out of order. haha! I really liked the story though so I'm planning on starting with the first in the series, which is Contents Under Pressure.
new author/306pgs/mystery

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I don't think I've read a single Brit Montero book in the proper order and I love them anyway.

A few years back, I heard Ms. Buchanan speak at a local author dinner. She was as great as her books!