Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Harmony by Joanna Goodman

I have to admit ladies and gentleman, I didn't finish this book. I really just couldn't relate to the main character and I think that kept me from being able to really get into the story, since the book revolves around her. Let me tell you a bit about the story and then you can decide for yourself.
Anne has been married for about 5 years. She had her son 6 months ago and he was born with club feet. She is having a very hard time dealing with this. She has joined a support group for other parents of children with club feet. She has also decided to have her son go through surgery since the casts weren't working. Through this she is also struggling with the issue of not knowing anything about her family - other than her Mom. When she was 5 her Mom moved from their community in Harmony and has not been in touch with anybody since. Anne wants to know about this community and why they left. She also wants to meet her father, somebody she hasn't seen since they left Harmony.
Anne is also having trouble at home, her husband owns a coin business - where he deals with the sales and purchases of rare coins. He seems to be disconnected from his family.
What got to me was that Anne couldn't get past the fact that her son at club feet and he wasn't perfect. She also mentioned several times about how she couldn't stand it when others would say stuff like "At least he doesn't have cancer", etc. See...I was thinking the same thing..It's club feet...he isn't going to die from it...it could be worse. I admit, though, that I currently don't have kids and of course haven't experienced this myself. I think that I wouldn't be as upset as her though..I would be thankful it wasn't a terminal illness and do what I could to get my kid help. But again...that is coming from a person who is not a mother - my thoughts and feelings could very well change once I do have kids. So right away that is what turned me away from the character. To me she seemed to whine too much about things. I read as much as I did though because I was interested in why her Mom left Harmony and won't talk about it. However...because I didn't connect with the character....the book just didn't keep my interest so I had to put it down.
I do suggest you look at other reviews on Amazon or other websites. I think the story has potential and could be good. Maybe one of these days I'll pick it up again. Maybe after I become a Mom.
new author/fiction/dnf/read 175 out of 345 pages.

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