Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Seance by Heather Graham

Christina Hardy moves into the old family home. The first night there her friends and cousins decide to play with the Ouija board and a ghost shows up and stays. 12 years ago this ghost was a cop and was killed because his partner thought he was the serial killer named the Interstate Killer. However, the killings have started again. The killer targets attractive women with red hair. Christina happens to have red hair. Jed, a man she has had a crush on since she was a kid, shows back up into her life and although he wants to find the real killer, he doesn't believe that Christina can see the dead cops ghost. The ghost doesn't know who the killer is but he tries to help. Christina also brings in Harrison Investigations to see if they can help her work with the ghost to find the killer.

Harrison Investigations is mentioned in at least one other book that I have read by this author. I don't think it matters if this is the first you read by her, it explains who they are. I just like that she uses those characters again - made it fun for me.

I have read a handful of the paranormal/mystery/romance books by Heather Graham and enjoyed them, this one is no exception. I thought it was a fast read and I didn't want to put it down. I love how she has a bit of a mystery and some paranormal - two of my favorite subjects.

mystery/371 pgs


April said...

I am glad that you liked this! I really enjoyed it and can't wait to read another of hers!

mithamy said...

Harrison Investigations is a running theme in many of her books. They are not part of one particular series, so you need to look for them. I've read The dead Room and The Death Dealer and I'm going out today to find Haunted. Harrison Investigations also shows up in Ghost Walk as well as a few others. If anyone knows of a list of books that include Harrison Investigations, please post it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

A list of books that includes Harrison Investigations is:
The Presence
Ghost Walk
The Vision
The Seance
The Dead Room
The Death Dealer and
Nightwalker. You should also read Blood Red, it is really,really good.