Monday, November 5, 2007

Triptych by Karen Slaughter

Michael Ormewood is an Atlanta cop who deals with a wife who doesn't really talk to him anymore and a mentally impaired son.

Will Trent works for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and is assigned to work with Ormewood on a case where a prostitute is raped and murdered, and her tongue was bitten off.

John Shelley was recently released from jail after serving a sentence for raping and murdering a young girl - he was the same age as her when it happened - but he is still listed as a pedophile.

Shelley soon realizes that somebody has been using his name to purchase a house and credit cards. He thinks it is the same man who framed him for the murder that he just did time for.

Will doesn't like Ormewood and thinks there is something odd about him. Angie, a fellow cop, also feels the same way.

How does all this figure into the story? Well now loyal blog readers - you'll just have to read to find out.

I listened to this as an audio book and I loved it! At times I found myself wanting to drive around just so I could listen some more. I had to get air in one of my tires and was more than happy to wait my turn because it meant I could sit in the car and listen to this story. I had it figured out, I don't think she made it hard to figure out, but it was interesting to see how it all turned out and how everyone came together and the mystery was solved.

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April said...

I just got this one on audio at the library this past week. I will be anxious to delve into it! This will be one of my first audio books.