Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Letters by Debbie Macomber

This was a fun book because the characters live on Blossom street and a lot of the book takes place on Blossom Street. If you have read my other reviews or you know this author, then you know she has a series revolving around a yarn store that is located, where else? On Blossom street!
You don't need to know those books to enjoy this one though because the main characters are different and have nothing to do with the other series. I just think it's fun since I have read the other series.
So yes, another Christmas book for me. This one is about K.O. and Wynn Jefferies. Wynn is a child psychologist who wrote a book about letting children be free and not giving them any boundaries. K.O.'s sister has done this and her twin nieces have become monsters. Every chance she gets she goes off on Wynn and his book. Then, she finds out she lives in the same building as Wynn and soon after her neighbor sets them up. She is determined not to like this man...but can't help it. Wynn feels the same way.
Another cute Christmas book where the ending is happy and the characters all get what they want. haha! This is exactly what I want to read during the holiday season though. I have loved all of Macomber's books - the ones I have read anyway. I'm off to start yet another of hers.
I must say, the good thing about living with my Mom while hubby and I look for a new house is that she has a ton of Christmas books to keep me company.
fiction/269 pgs


Lynne said...

I love to read Debbie Macomber's Christmas books each year.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

PamelaHD said...

Thanks to you, I just discovered Blossom Street. I finished The Shop on Blossom Street few minutes ago and loved it. I'll have to pick up her Christmas books, and a bunch more. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

i love this book.i couldnt keep it down