Monday, December 24, 2007

When Christmas Comes by Debbie Macomber

Emily's daughter is away at school in Boston. She calls her daughter to explain plains for her trip home for Christmas but instead her daughter surprises her by saying she won't be coming home. She makes it sound like she has a lot of school work to do. Emily can't stand being away from her daughter during the holiday's and decides to surprise her by flying to Boston for the Holidays. She tries to get in touch with Heather but doesn't until she is already in Boston. Then Heather tells her she won't be in town, she is going to Florida with her boyfriend - who drives a Harley. Emily is left alone in a strange city for her favorite Holiday.
Charles is a professor for Harvard and doesn't like Christmas. He finds himself on a house swap website and ends up swapping houses with Emily. She stays in his Condo in Boston and he flies to Leavenworth, Washington to stay in Emily's house. He is your typical absent minded professor and is looking forward to the solitude of staying at Emily's house and finishing his book. Little does he know that the kids next door will try to get him to play outside in the snow and that he has a surprise coming.
Ray receives a call from his Mother because when she calls Charles, a women answers. Ray goes to Charles house in Boston and finds Emily. They soon bond and as you can guess, have a wonderful time preparing for Christmas.
Faith, Emily's friend. Decides to surprise Emily by showing up at her door for the Christmas holidays. She knows Emily is upset about Heather. When Faith shows up, with Santa and his elves, who does she find? Not Emily, but Charles, a man who hates Christmas and wants to be left alone. Faith has nowhere to go and luckily Charles lets her stay in the house till she needs to go back home.
Yes - another wonderful and feel-good Christmas story by Debbie Macomber. It's a little late to read it this year before Christmas, but I do suggest you put it on your list for next year.
fiction/251 pgs

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